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Home of the best selling e-liquid on the planet!

Good Life Vapor was founded by CEO Jeremy Dollar in August of 2012. The company was started as a way to help a few friends and fellow vapers from the Albany, GA area stay away from traditional tobacco cigarettes. Jeremy is a former smoker of 15 years and he has been a vaper since early 2011. 

In the beginning, GLV was just a hobby and quickly grew into something that required more than part time attention. The company operated out of a 250 square foot apartment for the first 8 months and then moved to a 1000 square foot commercial facility which was outgrown in the first 6 months after moving in. Good Life Vapor now occupies more that 40,000 square feet of space between our retail shops, offices, warehouse and lab. 

GLV moved into their first brick and mortar shop in Albany, GA in early 2013. One shop quickly became two and recently has become three. As a company, we believe in helping as many people as possible by helping as many smokers as possible. 

We are most known for being the affordable solution for everyone in search of premium quality e-liquid. We have sold to 26 countries worldwide as well as every single state in the US. The liquid that has made GLV a household name is the cult classic, Deadly Sin, which has sold well over 1.5 million bottles worldwide since its inception. We employ over 20 dedicated employees and each person follows one principal. Help others make a good choice for a good life! 

We would like to welcome you to the Good Life Vapor community! Please enjoy your time on the website and know that we always welcome feedback from our wonderful customers!

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Leesburg, GA 31763, USA

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