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Premium Electronic Cigarette and accessories supplier. Vapor Vortex - 1-877-369-0398. Locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Flagstaff, AZ USA

Tired of the taste of regular cigarettes, I remember a time when I actually liked the way they tasted! Its crazy, knowing they were extremely bad for me, making my clothes smell terrible, and not enjoying them at all I still smoked a pack every few days. Not to mention everywhere I went, I felt like more and more of an outcast for smoking cigarettes.

My sister got me my first Electronic cigarette for my birthday in April of 2012. It was a Joyetech eGo-C with Double Mint Gum flavor, I have been hooked ever since. I love using my eCig and trying different flavors and there are over 100 different flavors available! Certain flavors are downright delicious and even smell pleasant to those around me!

At first I thought I would look ridiculous using this electronic gadget in public, but it was literally less than a week before I realized I enjoyed it so much more than actual cigarettes that I didn't care anymore and started using it in public on a regular basis. As my friends and other smokers around me would see it and curiosity would prompt them to try it, more and more of them were buying their own. "Why not make a business out of it?" I thought. So less than 2 months later me and Phil filed for Vapor Vortex LLC with the state of Arizona and registered the domain Now here we are.

While vaping electronic cigarettes is not FDA approved or allowed everywhere, a lot of places are much more relaxed about it than actual cigarettes. Most local businesses allow me to smoke it inside. I occasionally get a funny look when I exhale a big cloud of vapor, but most people are hip to them and it only takes a few seconds for them to realize what it is. They often approach me immediately afterwards and ask where they can get one. It is definitely constantly growing in popularity.

More and more companies are getting involved in selling electronic cigarettes and more and more people are taking up vaping with eCigs. We would like to become your personal eCig resource in the coming years and we are willing to take feedback to tailor our services to the consumers and public.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please contact us with your thoughts, suggestions, and comments at

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3636 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018, USA

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