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5545-G Cameron St, Scott, LA 70583, USA

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We have a variety of electronic cigarette products and e-liquids available. Serving the Lafayette, New Iberia & Scott areas.

OUR STORY by LizIn the summer of 2012, Gerri and I were taking her mother and brother on a vacation to Florida. My main concern was: how on earth were we going to smoke? Her mom didn’t smoke and didn’t like to be around smoke, and neither did her brother, Ray. We had a six-hour drive ahead of us and no way to deal with traffic, weather and directions without our nicotine fix. And beyond that, once we got there, we were staying in the same condo with them. Was this really going to be a vacation?Then, my sister told me about e-cigarettes. There was a place in Austin, TX, that sold them, so on my way to Louisiana I stopped and bought a set for us. My thought was that it would at least get us through the trip. Gerri and I were avid smokers, and liked it! We had been smoking for over 20 years and had no intention of quitting.When I got to Louisiana I introduced the e-cig to Gerri and she was not impressed in the beginning. We did agree that it would get us through the drive. We filled up out tanks, took a nice drag and fell in love! We made the trip, never bought a pack of cigarettes the entire time, and have yet to buy a pack.When we got home, all of our children (who were all smokers) wanted to try one. We purchased them for everyone, and they enjoyed them too! It wasn’t very long before we decided to make our own flavors. Now, for me this was great, as I am very right brained and love to be creative. Meanwhile, for Gerri, the dollar signs started rolling. She realized not how much we could make, but how much we could save! Shopping online was costly, juices were not as good as described, and it took too long to get them. We experimented with different types of e-liquids together, long distance, as I was in Texas and she was in Louisiana.We enjoyed our juices so much we decided to open a little booth at a festival in Granbury. We worked hard to make our juices, recruited help from the family to run the booth, and had a blast! Then the strangest thing happened: People started calling for more! Who knew?We continued to grow, make new friends, help people, and we loved every minute of it. Me out of my house in Granbury, TX, and Gerri with her little booth at the jockey Lot in Lafayette. We dreamed of having a store, someplace people could go any time they wanted to get their supplies or take friends to purchase their own. That dream came true on June 22, 2013. We opened Swamp Vapor, made more friends and helped more people. We’ve heard so many great stories of success in the battle of smoking!It’s been a dream come true for us. Now we live the life we always imagined. We owe it all to our family who helped us, believed in us and encouraged us. We also want to thank our friends, who spread the word and told us we were on the right track. Finally, we’re grateful to our amazing customers who continue to come back! Thank you to everyone!Come to one of the Swamp Vapor locations in Lafayette, New Iberia or Scott, Louisiana for your: E-cigarettes Vapor cigarettes E-liquids

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5545-G Cameron St, Scott, LA 70583, USA

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Monday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
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