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Welcome to Green Forest Vapor Shop! Electronic Cigarettes: ecigs, quality ego batteries, ECigarettes, E-Juice, ecig accessories, E-cigs.

We are in the business of high technology electronic cigarette products. We sell Electronic Cigarettes or more commonly know as Ecigs, and all accessories that go along with Ecigs. We also sell and manufacture the highest quality, best tasting, made in the USA Ecig liquid (E-Juice) to the public.

Our mission is simple. We at Green Forest Vapor Shop LLC, strive to offer our customers the highest quality Electronic cigarettes.  Green Forest Vapor Liquid is manufactured in our lab within the United States. We strive to have the highest customer service in the industry, and will work at a local level to assure that our customers are pleased with our products. We have the highest integrity, so that our customers have a will to continue to do business with our company. Our best advocates are the customers that have utilized our products to free themselves from the big tobacco giants, who have never had their customer’s best interests in mind. 

As our mission statement presents, our philosophy is to provide high quality products to our customers.  We believe that having E-Juice that is made in the USA and made by Americans is the best way to introduce our company to the world. American made products have been a staple for the United States for decades. We believe that USA products allow for the highest quality and testing that is available anywhere in the world. We will constantly evaluate our products and assure that our standards and expectations are just as high as our customers. We believe that we can do all of this and still sell our products at affordable prices. It is also important for our company to give the best customer service in the industry. We make every effort to support our customers through the process of eliminating tobacco products from their lives forever.

At Green Forest Vapor Shop LLC we market our Electronic cigarettes to the general public at company owned retail locations, marketing events, as well as online at We believe in building a customer base at a grass roots level. Our main focus is to build a loyal customer base that will repeat their business with us. We started out by building relationships with local bars, event promoters, restaurants, and other places where the typical smoker would be. We know that the traditional smoker has been ridiculed to the point that their habits are no longer accepted by the general public. We aim to break this persecution with our odorless, smokeless alternative Electronic cigarettes. We know and understand that smokers are looking for other ways besides smoking, to fulfill their needs. That is exactly why we are in business! We want our customers to experience a better alternative, which could potentially change their lives forever.

By now most smokers know and understand the risks associated with smoking. There are commercials by consumer advocate companies nationwide that denounce smoking, by telling people the risks associated with products like cigarettes. These types of campaigns are sometimes graphic and may have an effect on some, but my guess is that most smokers see these commercials and look the other way. The problem is that most smokers see and understand the risks, but have difficulty kicking the habit because they are physically, and emotionally addicted to cigarettes and nicotine. I can tell you that my own experience with cigarettes and nicotine, is that they are extremely powerful devices that are not easy to quit. I was a smoker for 18 years, I started smoking when I was not of a legal age. Because my father was a smoker, I guess I figured that everyone must smoke. I didn't care about the risks, and I didn't care about the harm they may do to others. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I even knew that they were harmful at the time. I just wanted to see what they were all about, so I started experimenting. Of course, I became addicted to the nicotine and figured I would be a smoker until the day I died.

In September of 2011, my son Micah came along. My wife and I, and for that matter our whole family, were more than excited to meet him. He was 5 weeks early, yet he was a healthy baby boy! This was one of the happiest days of my life, and for those of you who have children you can understand how much happiness we felt on that day. Though this was a great day for our family, it was also a day that weighed heavy on us. You see, just a few months earlier, my father started becoming ill. At first the doctors weren't sure what was wrong. He would go for tests, and go home and wait, and repeat the process over and over again. You see, my dad was a smoker for over 40 years, so while we hoped that his diagnosis would not be devastating, we knew in the back of our minds that the consequences of smoking for that amount of time can do great damage to a person’s body. Finally after weeks of waiting for tests, my dad, who was only 65 at the time, was diagnosed with lung cancer.  

So my dad’s fight begins. For anyone who may be reading this, that knew my dad, you know that he did things his way in life. He was a successful business man who owned a small business, Green Forest International LLC, for most of his adult life. His company traded hardwood lumber and materials globally. He was good at what he did because he never gave up on anything and he had a passion for what he did. I’m sure my dad knew that this would be the fight of his life, but that the deck was stacked against him. He never showed how scared he was of this illness to me; he even tried to reassure me that he would be okay. He was a strong man, and even in his weakest moments, was worried about how everyone else was reacting and feeling. On the day that my son was born, my dad looked healthy and had a smile on his face the entire day. Seeing how happy he was that day was a gift my dad never knew he gave to me.

In February of 2012, my dad lost his battle to lung cancer. He was a new grandpa, and went way to young. It was about this time that I started to look into my own future and realized that I never wanted my son to feel his dad was taken from him at too young of an age. I realized that I wanted to see my grand kids grow up some day. I didn't want my dad’s story to become my own. So I did what most people do when trying to stop smoking. I tried patches, gum, running, chewing candy, chewing ice, and a number of other different and sometimes weird ways to stop. None of these methods worked for me, as I’m sure most of you have found out at some point. One day, I walked into a gas station near my home town ready to purchase my typical pack of cigarettes and a red bull, when my eyes came across a new product they were selling. “What the heck is an electronic cigarette”, I asked the clerk at the counter. She had no idea of course, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. Besides, it was only $20 for a starter Ecig, so I figured what the heck. Well, that was a big mistake. That was the worst cigarette I had ever tasted, not only that, it stopped working altogether after just a week of use. What a bummer too, I had high hopes for the electronic cigarette, but it let me down.

I wasn't giving up on Ecigs just yet. It wasn’t until I realized a few weeks later that you could purchase Ecigs at better prices online, and at way better quality. I was finally able to make the switch for good after receiving better and more effective Electronic cigarettes, also known as Ecigs, or Ego, over the course of about 4 months. At first I would still smoke pretty much everywhere except for at home. Then, I went down to only smoking about half a pack of cigarettes and the other half of the time I would use my Ecigs. Eventually I realized I didn’t need the cigarettes anymore, I simply stopped going to the convenience store to buy them. I was amazed at just how great the flavors of Ecigs tasted. I purchased around 10 flavors to try and while they all were not to my liking, most where great and tasted delicious. I realized that vaping, as one of my friends called it, was really helping me quit cigarettes for good. Not only that, vaping was a lot more fun than smoking. A few months into my journey with Ecigs, I was out at a bar one night with some friends, and of course someone offered me a cigarette. I said yeah, why not, and took a couple of drags. What was amazing to me is that when I took a drag for the first time after switching a few months earlier, it tasted terrible. I was shocked at my own reaction and on that day I knew that there was no way I would ever go back to smoking.

After winning my battle and breaking free from the grips of big tobacco, I started to think about other people who might be having similar experiences as me. I started to think about the people I might be able to help kick tobaccos butt, "pun intended". I picked up more than bad habits from my dad. I also wanted to own a business like he did. I wanted to not only own a business, but I also felt that owning a vapor shop would be a way to help other people be successful at switching for good. Going into business, is no easy task, however along the way I had one more realization. This company is in existence for the right reasons, our mission is bigger than any one person, and if we can help even one person switch from smoking, then we can be proud of what we do. It is my personal belief that somehow my past experiences lead me to where I am today and furthermore lead our customers to find us. My hope is that you can say the same thing after you find our company for the first time.

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