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Premium EJuice Brands & Accessories at Low Prices | ELiquid Universe | Revolutionizing Retail and Distribution of Eliquids and Accessories Through Innovation.

We have been Vape Enthusiasts for many years.  You name the company; we have most likely tried their liquids!  Many companies advertise their liquids as 100% VG with Natural Flavoring.  However, under testing, it's all little white lies to get you to purchase their product.  We decided, let’s start producing our own E-Liquids that are truly 100% USP Kosher VG with Natural Flavoring.  These are liquids the way we like them!  We like our E-Liquids to taste smooth and delicious without the harsh throat burn due to the PG levels. As our Motto States, "Made by Vape Enthusiasts for Vape Enthusiasts.Our philosophy when it comes to our e-liquids is simple and complex.When we first started this business we wanted to provide the highest quality e-liquid products available on the market and of course the best service to our customers, that being said, we went out to all the top rated manufacturing facilities and found many things in common. Our expectations were too complex or they couldn't facilitate the quality we were aiming for our eliquid brand. After some time, we found a top notch facility (2500 Sqft ISO7 clean room and the ability to produce 60,000 30ML Bottles a day) with the smartest Chemists & mixologists that were thinking outside of the box as we were. After close to 8 months of development and various patents, we introduce you to Eliquid Universe, Inc. - The Home of The Dragon Liquids Brand™.We now offer the Best E-Liquids you will Vape. All of our products contain 100% USP Kosher Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Base & All-Natural Flavorings with no artificial sweeteners. Our liquids are Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan Friendly and extremely smooth. We are FREE FROM: PG, Preservatives, Coloring, Sweetners, Gluten, & all of the bad chemicals such as Diketones. Our Liquids are compared to a 70/30 Consistency or viscosisty but of course we only use all VG & Water.We are committed to producing and selling the finest E-Liquids on the market. Our #1 mission is to satisfy you, our customers. They say, the proof is in the pudding. We say, the proof is in our E-Liquids. Give us a try and we assure you that you will be very satisfied with our products and our highly rated customer service team.

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3199 Albany Post Rd Suite 267, Buchanan, NY 10511, USA

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